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Nusen stands for thoughtfulness, sustainability and simplicity we all strive to surround ourselves with. We design and build essential products for a modern workspace. 

Our story flows between two continents and three different countries, but at its core is the love for meaningful design and great craftsmanship that originates from a beautiful little country from underneath the Alps, Slovenia. In old Slovenian, word nucen is an adjective describing something essential and useful, and we are on a mission of helping our users incorporate ideas of nucen products into their lives.

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Lara is a Marketing and PR guru who is always on the move and looking for new adventures. Her biggest passion is working on products and services that help others grow both personally and professionally. At Nusen she is in charge of brand strategy, advertising and public relations. 

Simon is a product development specialist driven by a passion for co-creating the future. He spends most of his days trying to decide whether he’s an engineer or a designer, and his creative mind and a huge desire for creating meaningful products present the heart of our products at Nusen.

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